Design Options For A Smart & Efficient Swimming Pool

Whether designing a new swimming pool, renovating an older pool, or simply seeking the latest service technologies for an existing one, Tuscany Pools has eco-friendly solutions that lower energy consumption, cleaning and maintenance costs and your pool’s environmental impact. We are proud to be among industry leaders in adopting green philosophies and practices in pool design, operation, and service.

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers are one of the most popular and important trends in swimming pool technology and design. There are several benefits to including an auto cover on a new swimming pool or when renovating an existing one:

An automatic pool cover is operated by a simple switch. When not in use, you can easily and quickly cover your pool so that it’s secured and protected even when you aren’t at home. The cover switch can be locked with a key or electronic code so that no one can get in – by accident or on purpose.

Energy & Chemical Savings
Automatic covers significantly reduce heat loss. After heating a swimming pool to the desired temperature, an auto cover will trap the heat and insulate the pool. This helps maintain water temperature, minimize heater usage and cut energy consumption. Auto covers also keep rainwater out which helps maintain pH levels for longer periods of time resulting in less chemical consumption.

Pool Protection
An automatic cover shields your swimming pool from the elements, keeps animals out and lessens the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates in the pool which protects the pool finish from scratches, chips and discoloration and helps keep clean-up and vacuum bills in check.

Digital Pool Controls
Offset rising utility costs with efficient, automated, and synchronized scheduling of pool equipment operations. Optimized energy use facilitates proper equipment performance and reduces energy waste and the cost of pool maintenance. Download the system app and control your pool and spa temperature right from your tablet or smartphone.

High-Efficiency Pumps, Filters & Heaters
State-of-the-art mechanical components save energy, conserve water, reduce noise, and minimize maintenance. These high-efficiency parts cut can save over $1,000 in annual utility costs.

LED Lights
The lowest energy consumption of all lighting options – less than one-quarter the energy use of traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights. Great for swimming pool deck areas, LED lights last over 30,000 hours – more than 5x traditional incandescent light bulbs – are the safest lighting option on the market and can be customized with colors and effects to create a festive swim environment.

Salt Sterilization System/Chlorine
No more harsh chlorine treatments that can harm hair, bathing suits and the environment. These systems naturally convert salt to chlorine so that swimming pool water feels as gentle as bathwater and chemical consumption is lowered significantly.