Designing Custom Swimming Pool Environments

The Tuscany Pools approach to design is a structured process created to identify a homeowner’s vision and evaluate the property needs and challenges in order to create a personalized, picturesque and highly functional swimming pool environment.

Site Meeting
The design process begins with a meeting at the property where our team will discuss your vision, get an overview of site variables and provide information and insight about the process and elements involved in building a custom swimming pool and/or outdoor living space.

Data Collection & Measurements
Homeowners will be asked to provide an updated property survey so that our team can beginning planning. Once the survey is available, we will perform a property evaluation where photographs, notes and additional site measurements will be taken.

Feasibility Study
Taking into consideration the property data, measurements and the homeowner’s vision, Tuscany Pools will complete a formal feasibility study. At this point, our team will gather information from the town building department and engage in preliminary discussions about permitting for the project. The final study will map out a design and construction approach based on known town restrictions, site data and topography. This is an important step in the design process as it helps homeowners understand and evaluate the project scope.

Conceptual Design Drawing
With the feasibility study complete, our team will create precise conceptual drawings to convey our design recommendations and portray the future property. These drawings will serve as a map to guide pricing, installation and creative design discussions. 3D Rendering As an additional service, our design team can provide a computer-generated 3-D rendering of your future project. 3-D renderings are particularly helpful in communicating scale, spatial intent and overall flow of the new environment.

Planting, Lighting & Furniture Design
After swimming pool features and masonry elements have been identified, our team can begin to work on the softer elements that will complete the landscape design. Our professional designers can provide planting plans, lighting plans, outdoor furniture recommendations and more.

Budgeting & Proposal
Once the project design is approved, our Chief Estimator will identify costs and develop a proposal. We believe that early collaboration through our design process ensures that budgets and timelines are more precise and helps educate homeowners of all the options and elements involved in building a swimming pool.