A Commitment to Safety in Swimming Pool Use and Care

Tuscany Pools is steadfastly committed to swimming pool safety. Every season, we re-evaluate and update training programs, protocols, and procedures to ensure that we are leading the industry in safety standards and providing our customers with the very best service possible. Here are just a few of the safety efforts that we have in place at Tuscany Pools:

  • Our Service team offers complimentary safety inspections to all customers. Our expert technicians perform thorough inspections and make recommendations on how to increase the safety of your pool.
  • Tuscany Pools endorses the Hydro static valves with VGB compliant anti entrapnent drain covers and has made this technology mandatory in all new pool construction.

As with any industry, advancements and changes happen frequently. Whether you have an older pool or just moved into a new home in towns, we urge all pool owners to schedule regular safety inspections so that we can inform you of any functional or structural changes that can be made to meet current building codes and the new technologies available to create additional layers of protection for you and your family.